Solid wood kitchen work tops are practical and beautiful

Having a new kitchen installed in a major undertaking. It requires hours of planning, researching and measuring to get exactly what you want. Your whole heart and soul goes into the choice of carcass, door material, fittings and appliances, but as you make all those important decisions one by one the costs keep mounting. It seems everything has an effect on your budget. One decision will spawn a million financial considerations and it begins to be an overwhelming. It’s easy to forget the goal of a stunning kitchen and get caught up in what is affordable. One investment that is worth considering is putting in Solid wood kitchen work tops.

Quality and practicality

Solid wood kitchen work tops have a quality that can last you years. They are exactly what they say they are. They are solid wood. You can have any color of wood, and most are thick strips jointed, glued and cured together so they form a counter thick sheet. Because of this they are very durable. They don’t chip or crack when things are dropped on them like plastic or granite does. If you make a scratch by mistake, it’s easy to remove; just sand it out and re-oil the surface. A job that you can do yourself without specialist tools, and can be repeated for any other unsightly stains or marks. After the initial oiling to seal it, smells and dirt are wiped away on its waterproof surface and it stay looking perfect for many years.


The one thing that strikes you about solid wood kitchen work tops is the wonderful variation in colors and patterns. Each piece of wood is unique but when you put them in a uniform manner they have an impressive uniformity that is in neutral tones and complements any décor. The color mellows with age and use, but never loses its magnificence. However you decorate your kitchen, your wooden work tops match.


Wooden counter tops need very little maintenance. When it is installed it has been kiln dried and is porous so needs to be sealed. It will also need sealing every year or so to keep it looking good. The surface of the wood can be sanded down at any time so it can be refreshed, or left to attain an aged look. You could even alternate between periods of both. If you care for the wood well, it will last you many, many years.

When it comes to quality and beauty to last a lifetime, putting in a solid wood worktop may be the only answer.