Windows Server and Network Support

Need assistance with your server issues? Want to install a server on your end but still looking for a geek that could guide you through server installation process? Sunrise Pc Support could a one stop solution for all your struggles.

But before that let’s put some sufficient light on the concept of what server installation is?
A server installer is an application that installs windows dedicated server on an actual server. The server embedded with Windows Operating System is known as Windows Embedded Device Manager server. An embedded server is bound to work only for embedded applications and products on the system. Here, it indicates with dedicated OS applications. This embedded server connects the system from our end to a server computer where all the necessary data is stored preferably.

Apart from being so easy to read it over here, the actual installation process could be a heck for some users; those who don’t belong to a technical field or haven’t experienced such things before. For those ones, Sunrise Pc Support is working round the clock 24*7 with optimized solutions.
Sunrise Pc Support provides Online Tech Support for all types of Server Installation issues with licensed Operating Systems. Our certified experts provide solution for every damage or problem with your server. Apart from providing solutions we explain users with how the situation raised and what were the reasons behind the breakdowns or damages(if any); so that users can eventually be aware about such failures in future.
Supported brands by Sunrise Pc Support are as follows:-

    • Support for ACER
    • Support for ASUS
    • Support for COMPAQ
    • Support for DELL
    • Support for HP
    • Support for LENOVO
    • Support for TOSHIBA

Supported Operating Systems are:-

    • All versions of Windows 2003
    • All Versions of Windows 2008
    • SBS2003
    • SBS2008
    • SBS2011
    • All Versions of Windows 2007

Supported Microsoft Products Installations Include:-

    • Installation for Exchange 2003


    • Installation for 2007


    • Installation for Exchange 2010


    • Installation for IIS

These lists include only a few of our supported brands, OS & products respectively; there are many more on our Online Tech Support solutions.
Choosing us has a long list behind. For instance count on these:-

    • We provide solution whenever you are in need 24*7, round the clock


    • We provide a basic thought behind the problems arising, to let the user know why the situation raised and why he needs a geek it support


    • We maintain a transparent solution for the user, which would help user to tackle such situation in future.

So call us right away if you are facing any issue with your server maintenance at +1-888-703-9488.